Usolye-Sibirskoye Tram Report 2019 ウソリエ=シビルスコエトラム


Hello. I visited Usolye-Sibirskoye Усолье-Сибирское in September 2019. So i inform today’s Usolye tram.

It is a city not for tourist just a resident town. But i love tram. If there is tram, i go. In Usolye you can see many KTM 5 Soviet like tram. 

Tram in usorye is really popular, many local citizen riding.


  • Length: 27km
  • Rail width: 1520mm
  • number of Line :4




This is a map usolye tramway.


Line 1: Трампарк – 9-я Столовая / Only morning, really small number of operation.

Line2: ЖД Вокзал – 9-я Столовая –  ПЗО / in north of Usolye there is a factory, so labor ride to commute. In not commuting hour, About only 1 tram par hour. Some tram in day time skip 9-я Столовая.


Line3: ЖД Вокзал – Трампарк /Most often and popular. Wait 5 to 12 minute, line 3 come. Connects Central station to city center.  

Line4: ЖД Вокзал – Магистральная / about 1 tram par 20 minute.


The stop of line cross point is  Улица Ленина.




Fare: 20 RUR

Unfortunately, Ticket is not old paper, Thermal paper now. Not good for collection.


Rolling Stocks


KTM-5, KTM-8, KTM-19


KTM-5, 71-605 is common. This blue car somehow painted cerebarate USSR.


With beautiful lake Gorodskoyprud (Городскойпруд). I love KTM 5 so took many photos.


Modernized version of KTM 5 with square light.


КТМ-5 made in age 1963 to 1992.


Almost tram car is advertised.



KTM-8 (71-608)


71-619 (КТМ-19), Newest tram car in Usolye.



I think tram of Usolye is very often and useful compare to the next city Angarsk. In Angarsk sadly better to buses.

From Irkutsk to Usolye about 90 km, it takes 1 hour and 20 minute by RZD commuter train. When you visit Irkutsk, visit Usolye besides.





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