Angarsk Tram アンガルスクトラム 2019


I visited Angarsk in September 2019, i post photos. Before photos, here’s important information.


Will abolish?


Angalsk’s tram possible to close in 2032. It is from Wikipedia so source is not strict. I do not know the details.

When i visit in 2019, it is reasonable to close i think. Tram is not so popular for local people. Sadly. tram is not so often, otherwise buses run often, so useful. There is no Tram line approaching central station. less people taking tram compare to Iruktsk or Usolye-Sibirskoye.




Line 1: Сангородок-Техникум – ТЭЦ9

Line 3: Майский вокзал- Сангородок- 102 квартал- Ул. Коминтерна- 17 мкр- Социалистическая- 205 квартал

Майский вокзал- Сангородок  is only for morning and evening. In daytime, terminate at Сангородок.


Line 4: 17 мкр- Социалистическая- Ул. Чайковского- ТЭЦ9

Line 5 : 205 квартал- Ул. Чайковского- Техникум- АНХК- Пересечение- Ул. Чайковского- 205 квартал

Line 6: 17 мкр-Ул. Коминтерна- 102 квартал- Сангородок

Line 7: 205 квартал-  Социалистическая- Ул. Коминтерна- 102 квартал- ТЭЦ9

Line 11 : 17 мкр- 102 квартал- Ул. Чайковского- Пересечение- АНХК- Техникум- 102 квартал- 17 мкр


Routes no longer exist


This is a map on tram but now not correct. Line 10 is now abolished.


Line 5 and 11:

АНХК – Завод полимеров is alredy abolished in 2016


Line 10:  17 мкр- ЗБХ (-ПВД) 

In 2000, ЗБХ -ПВД was abolished.

In nov 15 2015, Line 10 was stopped. In Mar 28 2016, Line 10 came back operating. 

But Line10 a few passengers, only 4 times par day, morning and evening.


Rail removed near by Пересечение

Nov 27 2018, completely stopped and never come back.

Ангарский трамвай: кризис новый, выход старый | — Транспорт в России


Line 3: 

In 2002 Майский вокзал — Цемзавод  abolished.



Operating hour


Line 3 and 6: operate all day time.

Line 1, 4, 5, 7, and 11 : operate only for commuter hours, morning and evening.

Line 3 Exception: Майский вокзал – Сангородок is only morning and evening.


Holiday OK: 3, 4, 6, 7 

Holiday NO tram: 1, 5, 11


If you want to visit and make photos, holiday not good because fewer train, or some line completely  do not have operation in holiday.

Будние дни means weekday, and выходные дни is holiday.




Price  20RUR (Sep 19 2019)

Ticket is not old paper style but just a receipt.  Not good for collection.


Rolling Stocks


KTM5 is common. Also in the commuting hour, KTM-19 (71-619) is running.

I could not see KTM-8, i think he was sleeping in the tram Depo.


KTM-5 is common.


Rail 1520 mm. 550 V electricity.


With soviet big house. At Ул. Коминтерна.


with green.


At Сангородок stop.


Service tramcar. At 205 квартал.


Commuter hour, KTM-19 new vehicle arriving ТЭЦ9 station.




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