Pyatigorsk Tram ピャチゴルスク トラム2019


Visit : Nov 14.2019

I visited Pyatigorsk in Nov. 13. 2019 and Nov 14, took some photos. When  you visit Pyatigorsk you get nostalgia because there is some tramcars former worked in Germany, Tatra KT4D and Tatra T4.


You can know about Pyatigorsk tram by Official website, you must check this out. 

Top: Пятигорский трамвай, Трамвайное управление г. Пятигорска

Historical photo: Фото трамваев Пятигорска





Line 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8

Line 6: Now cancelled

Line 1: interval time about 1 hour, have single track. One station have passing place remains no longer used.



Rolling stocks

Подвижной состав | Пятигорский трамвай, официальный сайт

There is 5 Type of trams. Also check the official website.


Tatra T4D


Tatra T4D


Surprisingly, Tatra T4 still have Germany S-Bahn map. Halle city and Riebeckplatz station.


Many years ago this car carried Germany citizen, Now carrying Russian people at this southern city of Russia.


xxhalten? The sign of seat for disable remains Germany style.




Tatra KT4SU  or KT4D or KTDM. I do not distinguish them in sight.

  • KT4SU mede for Soviet Union, almost same to normal KT4D.
  • KT4D from Halle and Erfurt.
  • KT4DM from Gera(Germany). No.13 works in Berlin before working Gera.


Пятигорский трамвай — Википедия







This is pure Russian tram, And special car for Pyatigorsk. KTM-15 based on KTM-8. KTM 8 is 1524mm gauge. KTM 15 change the wheels -1000mm and have different motor. 


Service wagon


I have a luck to see this yellow car. ‘Спец вагон Служба депо’.


The rail got a some problem and make a quick repair.


Gauntlet track


Pyatigorsk tram have Gauntlet track, near to Bratskava station, west of RZD central station. This is interesting facility.








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