Vladikavkaz Tram ブラジカフカス トラム 2019


I visited vladikavkaz in Nov 2019 so report the city tram. Vladikavkaz tram wagons are all old Tatra car. No LRT style car introduced. Also there is a repair work in 2019.


Rolling stocks


Every car in operation are Tatra T3.(Possibly T4 from from Magdeburg, Schwerin or Chemnitz )


Classical red style. What a lovely Tatra car.


Tigar wagon. Inside this car, Some photo of Tiger.


Владикавказ: трамвайные пути на проспекте Коста отремонтированы | TR.ru — Транспорт в России

‘В отсутствие средств для закупки новых вагонов во Владикавказе уделяют внимание ремонту старых. Начиная с 2016 года здесь отремонтированы 13 вагонов’

According to this website, Vladikavkaz city do not have money to purchase new car. In 2016, 13 wagons repaired. That’s why here is only old trams.


White tram car. 

In vladikvkaz, route number is putted on the front window. The head of tram just displayed ‘Владикавказ’.


Some tram celebrates 115th year of opening. Vladilavkaz tram opens 16 August 1904 one of the oldest tram system in Russia.




Repair in Nov and Dec 2019 


This photo is Просп took in 20.11.2019. Мира. Road is peeled off , also Electrical wire down in some place.


The section of ул.Чапаева – жд вокзал  – Площадь. Героев is currently under reconstruction.


From 19.11.2019, Trams do not running this section. 18.11 was ordinary operation. I arrived the city exactly 18.11 at night. I saw trams in the central station. I should ride , i missed it.


Реконструкция проспекта Мира во Владикавказе началась с ремонта трамвайных путей | Ossetia News

According to this news, This repair should complete in December 2019. Costs 35 million Rubles. 

‘Реконструкцию путей планируется завершить в декабре этого года. На эти цели выделили 35 млн рублей.’


Владикавказ: трамвайные пути на проспекте Коста отремонтированы | TR.ru — Транспорт в России

At Просп.Коста, They had a repair works to Oct 20 2018.




Past time there is Trolley Bus system


It opens in Feb 15 1977. Closes Aug 9 2010. I can see the remain of trolley wire at Ул. Кирова , The bridge at Терек river.

Владикавказский троллейбус — Википедия






Map of vladikavkazsky tram:

Карта маршрутов трамвая Владикавказа

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Vladikavkaz Children railway , only summer

Владикавказ. Детская железная дорога



Владикавказский трамвай — Википедия