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Hello!  welcome to Kholmsk town. Do you like google map? In this Kholmsk town, google map do not help you.

Train station is not described. Bus terminal is not described. This is crazy, This town made me really confusing.

I went to Kholmsk town. and share information.

Bus station

Bus is the most useful way in Sakhalin. You can see timetable from Kholmsk to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk in  web site bellow.

Bus. Tourism, accommodation, holidays, timetables on Sakhalin


here is the bus terminal.


Ticket sales hour is this.

  • Weekday: 5:30-17:00
  • Sunday: 5:30-18:00


Train station

Train is not useful. Really small number of train operated. If you like train, go.

There is 2 Train station in Kholmsk. One is big, the other is small.


Kholmsk South Station, Холмск-Северный

When i went to this station, ticket sales is closing, You can bu ticket on a train.

Kholmsk north station is very near by this gas station – Neftegazsnab.



Kholmsk south station Холмск-Южный

About 3km south from Kholmsk north station. There is no station house. only rails.

真岡駅 (樺太) – Wikipedia


Ferry ticket office

Vanino – Kholmsk line

You may get a timetable in this website…


Here is ferry ticket office. The only ferry service is to Vanino.


Ticket office do not have timetable except today’s ferry.

I asked the desk  ‘Do you know ferry timetable of tomorrow?’ , They say ‘call SASCO’ and gave me telephone number. This is Russia. I think you do not have to make a reservation.


You do not have to move from ticket office or waiting room, because a bus to the port is coming.


Surprisingly, arriving time of ferry is written this board. Departure time is not strictly decided.

You should ask the desk when the bus to the port departs. (This bus sometimes delay.)


Vanino – Kholmsk line

In this website, SAKHALIN 10 exists. But in reality, Ferry for passenger is only two, SAKHALIN 8 and 9.



What to see Kholmsk


well.. Kholmsk is small town, no museum, no monastery… Here is not France or Greece.

Pamyatnik Stroitelyu Kholmskogo Perevala памятник строителю Холмского перевала


This monument is good. Here is hill so car is better. 8 km from city center.




devil’s Bridge is good. 

Devil’s Bridge (Kholmsk) – 2019 All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with Photos) – TripAdvisor



Something to see. you can find..

Холмск. Достопримечательности



Guys have a nice trip.




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